Susan Osgood
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about the from here to there series

In 2009 I joined a friend in printmaking and rented time on a press. It was a return to printmaking after many years, so I came to it with fresh eyes. 

Each diptych in the series From Here to There was printed in two parts. I kept the color scheme simple – Cadmium Yellow and Lamp Black. I began by rolling oil based inks onto a Plexiglas plate, painting with oil paint and wiping away the ink or paint to create white. When I felt it was ready to print, each side got several inkings and passes through the press until I was satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes I ran a new sheet of paper through the press on the same plate to create a “ghost” on the next piece. 

Then I washed the plate and began again. With this first half of the image in mind, I wondered what would balance the composition? How far could I change this second image and still find that harmony I was looking for in the whole diptych? I not only had to think backwards for the printing process, I had to think of right and left sides of the pieces.

The process took over in a wonderful way. The prints almost created themselves - each piece surprised and excited me by what I found as I pulled the paper from the plate.